Building Schedules Quickly in Microsoft Project

When I visit customers using Microsoft Project 2010/2013/2016, or Project Pro for Office 365, I am surprised how many of them are using older and in some cases less efficient ways to build schedules.  When I bring ideas of new ways to work to them, most tell me they never really looked into what is new. Here are a few of my favorite new features to build schedules quickly.

Create a summary task and automatically indent related subtasks all at once –

  • Select all the subtasks and then on the Task tab, in the Insert group, click Summary
  • A row for the summary task will appear and all subtasks will be indented underneath
selected tasks
Selected Tasks in Project
Summary Button
Summary Button
Summary button results
Summary Button Results

Create a space for new tasks in the middle of a task list very quickly –

  • Select the number of rows below the desired new section and then on the Task tab, in the Insert group, click Task
  • Blank rows for each task will appear
Task Button
Task Button


New Task Results
New Task Results

Turn on or off the outline number for the project very quickly –

  • No need to select anything
  • On the Format tab, in the Show/Hide group, click Outline Number
  • The outline numbers will appear next to the task names
outline number
Outline Number Check Box
Outline Numbers Displayed
Outline Numbers Displayed

Note: All illustrations are taken from Project Pro for Office 365/Project Professional 2013.

I hope you give these options a try and see if they may help you be more efficient in building schedules.


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