Annoyed by Office 365 Password Changes – The Solution!

As a daily user of Office 365, I find that I am asked to change my password on a very frequent basis.  The request is so often that I would often forget my new password and have to log into my password manager to retrieve it.  Another frustration is sometimes when I do change my password, it would not fully change in Outlook. I have called support numerous times to get my Outlook reconfigured and synced up with the new password.  And if I missed the password warning period, I was sometimes locked out and had to call Microsoft for help.

Frustration no more!  I have discovered how to solve this problem and manage my password change policy for myself and others.


Admin Button

Service Settings

Service Settings


Password Options

Notice you can choose a more reasonable password change policy or not require changes at all.

For all of the Office 365 Admins out there who have flexibility with passwords, I suggest a more lenient schedule to reduce your support tickets.

Hope this tip was useful. If you have another Office 365 tip, please feel free to share it.





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